The University of Chicago Archery organization is run by the Archery Board, which consists of five members. The president is responsible for managing the officers of the club, and is responsible for the interactions between Archery and the Athletic Department, ORCSA, and the greater university community.

In addition to the president, there are two team captains. The first team captain is responsible for team and club finances. They are responsible for collecting dues and ordering new equipment. The second team captain is responsible for team logistics, including tournament organizing and team practices.

Finally, there are two club officers that are responsible for running club practices during the week.

All five board members are available if you have any questions. Feel free to contact them individually, hunt them down during practice, or email all of them at the same time by sending an email to All of the board members are trained to help coach beginners and experienced archers during practice, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have and please report any unsafe behavior to a board member.

The Officers for the 2017-2018 school year are:

President - Maia Conrado

Maia is the president. She is a Computer Science major and a Statistics minor. When not tracking down bugs in her code, she enjoys shooting arrows, hiking, and drinking copious amounts of tea.

Team Captain - Aurora Taylor

Aurora is a fourth year in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities and in Anthropology. She shot Olympic Recurve for four years before switching to traditional longbow. Aurora is also a USA Archery level 2 Instructor and has worked with North Side Archery Club teaching beginner and intermediate classes.

Team Captain - Kevin He

Kevin is the team captain responsibe for tournament organization this year. His job is to organise tournaments and team practices and doing odd jobs for the archery board when needed. He also updates the website. Kevin has been shooting for somewhere around 6 years now and is happy to answer any questions that you may have about archery. (Although not if its compound related since he doesn't know anything about compounds) Kevin can often be found in CSIL crying over broken code or playing video games in his spare time.

Club Officer: Daniel Wang

"I am Lrrrrrr ruler of the planet omicron persei-8, we want McNeal." is what Daniel wrote for a bio upon request. Dan is a strange fellow, come to practice on Thursdays when he's on duty and talk to him!

Club Officer: Burno Petrucci

Bruno has been doing archery for no more than a year and a half. He's extroverted and very loud, but you get used to him. You can find him in the range with one of his two bows, a Longbow or a Compound. Bruno majors in Physics and may add some other thing he hasn't figured out yet.