The University of Chicago Archery organization is run by the Archery Board, which consists of five members. The president is responsible for managing the officers of the club, and is responsible for the interactions between Archery and the Athletic Department, ORCSA, and the greater university community.

In addition to the president, there are two team captains. The first team captain is responsible for team and club finances. They are responsible for collecting dues and ordering new equipment. The second team captain is responsible for team logistics, including tournament organizing and team practices.

Finally, there are two club officers that are responsible for running club practices during the week.

All five board members are available if you have any questions. Feel free to contact them individually, hunt them down during practice, or email all of them at the same time by sending an email to All of the board members are trained to help coach beginners and experienced archers during practice, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have and please report any unsafe behavior to a board member.

The Officers for the 2014-2015 school year are:

President - Jeffrey Nocton

Jeff Nocton has served as the president for a year and is very well versed in the archery format and fun. He is a very well trained archer, and is perhaps the fourth ranked archer on the team. Jeff used to play hockey before he joined a real sport, and is a history major in the college. He used to study physics.

Team Captain - David Goldfeld

David has been the team captain for a year and is happy to be a part of the archery organisation. His job is to organise the tournaments and team practices and to make archery more fun each day. He is one of the highest ranked archers on the team and has always been an archer at heart, despite only starting archery in middle school. David is a Chemistry/Physics double major in the college and is a researcher and administrator at the Institute for Molecular Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and cooking delicious food. One day, David is planning on shooting an apple off of the head of a crash test dummy at 75 yards just to show that he can.

Team Captain - Katarina Mentzelopolopolousness

Katarina is the team captain responsible for finance and equipment. She collects dues from the various well meaning archers and writes up our budgets each year. If you have an equipment problem, you should probably talk to her. Last year, she served as a club officer and ran practices throughout the year. Katarina is a humanities major in the college and is an editor for real publishers (read UChicago press and real freelance work) as well as for the Chicago Maroon. In her free time she enjoys falling off of bikes and partying.

Club Officer: Theresa Yuan

Theresa is a club officer that runs practice during the week. She moved to this position after a year of serving as Team Captain: finance edition. She is an excellent resource for anything you want to know about form and good shooting, talk to her during practice if you're looking for some tips. In her spare time, Theresa kills zombies and fixes computers. Go to her with your computer issues as well.

Club Officer: Clayton Norris

Clayton is joining us on the archery board for the first year, although he has been a member of the archery team for more than two years. As club officer, Clayton will also be running practice during the week. Clayton is a native of Austin, TX, so he knows how to shoot bows and arrows - big bows and arrows. You will notice him at practice by his use of a compound bow. He is and always will be the only board member that does not shoot traditional recurve. Clayton has won numerous competitions during his tenure with UChicago Archery and is excited to teach new members how to use a quick release instead of their fingers. Clayton is a linguistics and/or computer science major that speaks German. He is an interesting one, that's for sure.